Parachute in Europe

PARACHUTE was carried by more than 200 of the most prestigious and fashion-forward retailers throughout Europe.

It was the first American designer line to be invited to show in the official London Collections, as well as in Paris, and its designs are held in major museums, including the Victoria and Albert in England.

PARACHUTE was chosen as prime design consultant for both the men’s and women’s divisions of the International Wool Secretariat, featured in their design publications predicting the future trends of fashion, and received its Award for Design Excellence.

In a prime-time TV interview on France’s Canal Plus, the PARACHUTE team of Harry Parnass and Nicola Pelly was introduced by Daniel Hechter, President of the French Fashion Association, as the most influential designers in America.

PARACHUTE showed its designs in Paris and Milan for fourteen seasons as part of the International Designers Collections and was the subject of hundreds of editorial features in the main fashion publications throughout Europe. PARACHUTE was the first non-UK based fashion firm invited to the prestigious London Designer Week Shows, one of only twelve firms chosen in the entire country to represent the best of British fashion. (designer Nicola Pelly is British-born)

PARACHUTE receptions, in embassies or consulates, or public venues and larger parachute stores, organized by leading public relations firms and sponsored by the Canadian and Quebec governments in the UK and Europe, as well as New York and Los Angeles, saw the attendance of over a thousand journalists and leading figures in the arts and entertainment world, and always anticipated and reported on in the media as a highlight of the fashion/social season.

A racing car sponsorship was undertaken for several years in Europe with a PARACHUTE car, driven by Mario Hytten, appearing on the major racing circuits of the Continent. Over 500,000 spectators were present at the events in the UK alone at sites such as Silverstone and Donington. The attendant print and video news publicity made the connection between high-performance sport and high-performance fashion. It greatly enhanced the reach of the PARACHUTE name. The Sky Channel alone generated over 1.7 million viewers for these events. Clients clamored for the more than 100,000 PARACHUTE stickers and decals distributed at the races

Major UK and European fashion reporting and consulting services, such as Nigel French and Promostyle, which send monthly reports to the executives of the major international retailing organizations, have all featured extensive articles on PARACHUTE as a leading edge "must see" resource.

PARACHUTE created a popular-priced, made in Italy, version of its designs for the sixty-store teen-age Ragazzeria chain in Italy, affiliated with the French Printemps Group, under its "Project" label. These fashions received much editorial support and were adopted by emerging young local musicians for their performances and record covers.

The Dupont Corporation, through its research laboratories in Geneva, initiated a long collaboration with PARACHUTE in its testing of new Lycra and other fibers, particularly in applications to menswear.