Co-founders Harry Parnass and Nicola Pelly are the dynamic design team behind Parachute.

HARRY PARNASS is an architect with advanced degrees from Columbia University (Master of Architecture) and Harvard University (Master of Architecture in Urban Design). He also studied at the Harvard Business School, The John F. Kennedy School of Government and the M.I.T. Department of Planning, as well as the Graduate School of Retailing at NYU.

He has been a Professor of Architecture and Design at the Université de Montréal for over 25 years and has lectured globally on design. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the IBM Design Fellowship and the Kinne Fellowship. A French government report named his courses in fashion design in Montreal and lecturing at Domus Academy in Milan as the best in the world.

NICOLA PELLY is a fashion designer who received her training at Kingston University in the United Kingdom. She was awarded several prizes for her designs early in her career in England, including awards from the Swiss government and a travel bursary that took her throughout North America.

She designed under her own label for a large North American fashion organization and later joined a major 150 store retail organization as a principal designer, where she teamed up with Mr. Parnass, who was a design consultant there. Her expertise in the technical aspects of fashion design and fabric development were complementary to Mr. Parnass’ skills, and together they founded PARACHUTE.

Ms. Pelly has been recognized editorially world-wide for her designs and has received several Outstanding Woman and Woman of the Year awards.