The design team of Harry Parnass and Nicola Pelly is launching the respected PARACHUTE brand as a world-wide licensing and franchising enterprise.


Invitations are being extended to manufacturers and purveyors in fifty different categories of goods and services that meet the lifestyle profile and priority of the PARACHUTE customer.

This customer, served since 1977 throughout the world, is demanding of high quality in material and construction, insistent on environmental and social responsibility, and uncompromising in the search for state-of-the-art design.

The PARACHUTE customer is extraordinarily proud of his or her acquisition of PARACHUTE-branded goods and services, and continues to acknowledge and value the design credibility of the PARACHUTE name.

If you manufacture products or offer services that can meet the stringent criteria of the PARACHUTE brand, and would like to collaborate with our design team to offer these under license, we would like to hear from you. Certain categories are already licensed or under reserve.

Size does not matter. The productions of small enterprises for hand-made writing paper, packaged nuts from the rainforest or an innovative sun lotion or fragrance are as important to the lifestyle needs of our customers as high-performance jeans, superbly fitting t-shirts and simple dramatic overcoats. Be advised that we will continue to monitor every production facility anywhere in the world, as we have for 25 years, to assure compliance with our standards of socially-responsible working conditions and environmental respect.


We are receiving inquiries to build and operate one or more PARACHUTE destination stores in all the major cities of the world. Carrying forth the much-copied PARACHUTE tradition of dramatic urban retail spaces, these stores will carry the full range of PARACHUTE licensed products and services, including hair salons, mini-spas, and travel services.

Franchises for individual locations or larger territories are being considered. The PARACHUTE team, honored internationally for their store designs, will collaborate closely in the site location, conception and design of these facilities.


To inquire about currently available merchandise, please contact us at